Newbie Question

Hello I recently became interested in the shamisen while wondering around on Tokyo lense YouTube channel. After I watched a couple of his videos on it I really wanted to try them as well.

My question is what accessories should I purchase with the beginners shamisen? I’m not too sure since the interest is still pretty new.

I’m open to all suggestions even other shamisen other than the beginners although I’m not looking to spend too much as I’m not sure if my interest will last let alone being able to play it, also would love to hear some experiences with the beginner shamisen.

Thank you

I’d recommend getting the Beginner Shamisen accessory set that’s on the same page as the Beginner Shamisen. It has everything you’ll need to get started other than a bachi and a koma.

For bachi, pick something that fits your budget and your playing preferences. The faux bekkou options are very nice, but pricey. I started with a wooden one, myself. It’s nice, but I wish it had a bit more flex. I currently use one of the custom acrylic bachi that aren’t presently available, but if I were in the market right this second I’d try out the Pantera bachi, as I like that you can order it with variable flex.

For koma it’s a matter of preference, but I really like the bamboo ones with a bone tip. They have a nice, crisp tone.

Thank you for the advise, I am also interested in the tsugaru style, I know the beginner one isn’t the right one. Would you know any other good stater ones for tsugaru?

Making a Shamisen can get you lots of fun experience in the subject, and it’s quite interesting to build from basics. Shamisen of Japan written by Kyle Abbott is really informative!

The Shamibuddy is about the same proportions as a Tsugaru shamisen, if I recall correctly and very reasonably priced. I might have started with one, had they been available when I was first starting out.

If price is no concern, there’s always the Raven, Akatsuki or Rose. I personally own a Raven and would recommend it.