Newbie- questions about bachi


Hello everyone!
I am a huge fan of Japanese culture and have just purchased my first shamisen! Am very excited for it to arrive, however it only comes with a komo, I need to get hold of a bachi… as im totally new to this instrument I’m not sure the best way to go.
How bad are the plastic ones? They are purse friendly which is a bonus. I picked up the shamisen for £135 so spending over £100 on the bachi seems a lot
Any help or advise greatly appreciated from you wonderful people here
Ps I am in the UK so not many options to get one here



Your bachi’s material has a very small role in the quality of your sound! Technique is paramount.

I started on plastic, and while I don’t use it anymore some of my friends and colleagues continue to do so - with great results.

Get what you can and play!


Thank you so much for your speedy and helpful reply Christopher!
In which case I will grab a plastic one and get going!!


Hi Shelly!

I am also in the UK, and have some Bachi which I would happily sell to you if you would like! Where are you based?


Oh wow! That’s so cool of you, thank you!
I am in the South East.
What do you have spare? How much would you be willing to sell for?


I have sent you a pm :slight_smile: