Note with new shamisen

Hello to all in the Bachido Cummunity!
I received a note in the package with my new Beginner Shamisen.
Issue is I cannot read it:sweat_smile:
I am fluent in both english and french, but not Japanese yet!

I am assuming the note might be from the shamisen maker?
Would anybody be able to translate for me, would be much appreciated!!
Thank you!


My Twitter follower, ็ฎๆ›ฒๅœฐๆญŒbotใ•ใ‚“ (@kokyoku_bot) have deciphered it for me.
This is one of the poems from Shin Kokin Wakashลซ. It is a poem by Jakuren.
I donโ€™t know if it is from a shamisen manufacturer.


ใ€Œ็ตถใˆใ ใˆใซ

โ€œThe light of the moon is dividing the village into light and dark.
The moonlight shines through the midnight clouds that bring rain to the land.โ€