Online Skype/Live Private Shamisen Lessons?


Hey there Bachido friends! I am looking for online, one on one live via skype/facetime/etc. shamisen lessons. I would take lessons here in Atlanta, but alas I cannot seem to find any. So I’ve started shopping around for online/Skype lessons. Do y’all have any suggestions or whatnot for me? Much thanks!


If you want, you can search simply on google, or maybe ask some of the teachers here


Hi Natalie! I give Skype lessons. :slight_smile: Feel free to send me a PM.
That’s cool you’re in Atlanta! Did you go to JapanFest? Mike Penny and I performed shamisen there last year. It was so much fun. :slight_smile:


ut was Japanfest in Berlin? A friend of mine performd in Germany… or maybe it’s a touring event


It was Japanfest in Atlanta, Georgia. :slight_smile:


I think a friend of mine participated in that festival. Have you heard of Karin?


Reigen sensei does skype lessons too I think.


Where is him/her site?