Painting Skin (Hibiki)



As I am waiting for my chuzao shamisen to get here to reskin it with Hibiki, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience decorating the skin. I imagine that this could adversely affect the sound, as the extra material from paint or dye could alter the vibration of the skin. I’m not about to do anything that would negatively affect the sound, but a friend offered to deck it out, so I thought I would investigate.

@Kyle_Abbott if you do not mind me asking, is the hibiki skin 100% nylon fabric? I know some paints and dyes do not react well with certain materials, so if I decide to let them experiment, I need to figure out what mediums they can use that will not end in a complete disaster/waste of skin.


Hi Turquoise Turtle!

That’s a good quesiton. The skin is so tight that I don’t believe it would alter the skin in a negative way. (unless it’s very thick paint) Hibiki is nylon based as well. :slight_smile: