Please help! Looking for performer info


Hello all,

I am currently planning an annual fundraising event for my local sister city program, and I am interested in trying to find local shamisen artists who might be willing to perform. Our event is large, but not huge (over 100 people), and it would be a great venue for artists of all levels of talent, so even beginners would be warmly welcomed.

So is there anyone who might know or have connections with shamisen artists in the California North Bay Area (Solano County) or close by there? I greatly appreciate any information you can all provide!


Welcome to Bachido, Kelley!

I’m in Santa Cruz, but I could go. Is it a volunteer event, or would transportation/performance fee be covered?

When are you planning to host it?

Exciting news! :slight_smile:


Hi Kyle,

Thank you for your reply! I would love to give you more information about our event. Would it be alright to email you? I actually have an email address for you that I received from my former coworker, Xander Peterson today! Just let me know if it’s ok to contact you that way, and I’ll send some information over.
Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to speaking with you more!



Awesome! Small, small world! Xander’s a really great guy. Very enthusiastic about shamisen too. Yeah, please contact me at that address! :slight_smile: