Possible project

Came across a shamisen in ruins, three piece neck and skinless body. There are ripple/riffle marks from a chisel inside the body. Being locked down and youtube one finds all kinds of “projects”. I came across a Electric Shamisen “Bass” that was something I was leaning towards. Since all the skilled bits are done all ready.

I was thinking of building two square wood plug that can slip in to the Shamisen (front and back of the body). All the bits will be mounted on the squares (press fit or a bolt through the front and back) there will be no permanent damage incase the shamisen has value.

Plan to mount a pick up on the inside back of the square with knobs and jack hole on the face. Being that it’s just a wooden square I could go acoustic with just a hole in the wood.

So has anyone done something like this? If I get rolling I can get Kyle to peg it.

Well i didn’t get it tho, so basically you’re planning to do an electric Gotan?

What don’t you get?

The plan to pressure fit two thin wooden squares in to the body of the Shamisen, instead of skinning. At least that is the first step.

Yeah I don’t know what a “electric Gotan” is and google isn’t very helpful on that.

This is a gottan

Has no skinning, just wood.

Ah, two "T"s. That’s why google was no help. According to Wiki Gottan is basically a cigar box guitar. I suppose it basically is. Since it’s plucked I don’t have to get or mod a rice scoop as a bachi.

Looked on youtube and found “The Forest Mill” build one that will be helpful.

Brandon thank you for pointing me in to the Gottan direction.

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