Problem with stringing?


Hi guys,
I’ve just received my vintage and reskinned nagauta shamisen and I assembled it.
I think I have a problem with stringing because it is all so crooked!

I show you the pictures:


What have I done wrong?

Thank you!


Hmm ok, just fixed a little and they look better. But I still wondering if it’s ok :slight_smile:


Perhaps it’s a matter of perspective, but it looks like your koma is way off center. I would recommend checking that your neo isn’t twisted to one side, too. If it is and you line your koma up to it, you’ll end up with an off-center koma, too. (Speaking from experience here.)


Hi there.

3 Things to check!

1 - Position of your koma (is it centered on the neck?)

2 - Position of your neo (is it centered on the neck and adjusted so the strings are balanced)

3- Wind of the strings. Double check the positions of the holes and that your itomaki are in the right position. Looking at your ichi, ni, and san, I can tell that the ichi is good. the ni is a little off kilter, and the san is rather too close to the center for my personal taste.



Ah, yeah! I hadn’t caught the problems with the itomaki! Something definitely doesn’t look right there…


Thank you guys! I made the adjustments and now it looks better! But I still wonder what it’s wrong with the itomaki :disappointed_relieved: I watched Kyle’s video like a hundred times :laughing:


You very easily could have the itomaki in the wrong holes. Check for markings on the side.

As well (although unrelated to your string issue), make sure your neck is completely flush. I can see large relatively large gaps where the pieces come together.


Ok, thank you!

Now they looks better, but I want to do everything from the beginning.

I have these 3 itomaki. Let’s see where to put them :slight_smile:
From the right:

  1. ni no ito
  2. ichi no ito
  3. san no ito

Is that correct?


I’m waiting for a shamiexpert reply here too, I think I had the same problem!


Today I tried again because the order of the itomaki that I wrote before seems to me the only one to make sense :thinking: and the San no ito (I mean the downer one) itomaki seem to fit well only there . But at the same time the hole in that itomaki is too close to the right, and is difficult to keep the string in the right place!

Here are the images of the fixing:

Let’s wait the experts! :smile:


:thinking: hmm sorry, I didn’t withdrawn the post


No no I deleted my post because something I said was wrong… No problem !

Patrick Younès


Sorry, my bad english :sweat_smile:


Hey There!

I must compliment you on your stringin technique, looks very nice in the first photo. Very cleanly wound around the Itomaki, a pleasure to look at :slight_smile: Hehe!

Regarding to your issue, I understand, I also had the same. My Solution was to switch the Itomaki, and after that you have to try around with the amount of string to wind on each side of the hole, when stringing.

Based on your photo of the empty Itomaki( , at least I can not suggest a better way which Itomaki to use for which string. So you have to try around with the stringing…

Regards and have fun playing