Question About Disassembly


So I know there’s a great video on how to assemble my shamisen, however, I have never had to DISASSEMBLE it so I’m unsure of the safest way to do so.
The airlines say my hard case is too long to be a carry-on so I was going to disassemble it, bubble wrap it, and stick it in my ukulele case. That said, my shamisen feels pretty old or at least not the best cared for before I got it, I’m afraid if I shove the neck in too hard, the body’s corners will snap in or something equally dumb.

Any advice?


I have a shamisen that is, in fact, older than I am.

I have disassembled and reassembled it multiple times. While there’s always a chance that the glue holding yours together has disintegrated more than mine, I wouldn’t worry.

If it does collapse, well, it was going to eventually!