Quoth The Raven:'A few questions, ca-caw!'

Good afternoon,

I’ve set my sights on getting the Raven Shamisen, and just had a few questions about it:

a) Besides a slight size difference, will there be any sound differences between the chuuzao or futozao neck, even if slight?

b) Will the fujaku *sold separately as noted *, be sold in one strip or 3 strips in one package to account for the mitsuori neck?

c)Will the Raven be shipped in a thin cardboad box or a reinforced one?
Will it also be shipped with the neck already assembled or hopefully disassembled? (Silly question, my apologies, but have a bit of a traumatic issue with Fedex Canada\International: they delivered a new tsugaru shamisen damaged ( tenjin cleaved in twain in transit from the hub in Minneapolis to Canada)

d)Is there a way to add in the comments for Paypal re to add shipping insurance or is it already included in the shipping?

Thank you once again, sorry for the trouble!

Hi A!

Excellent questions! Allow me to answer them for you. :slight_smile:

a) Well, I assume it’s always possible the size could technically effect the tone, but given the size difference is only 2mm, it wouldn’t be anything noticeable to the ear. At least, I’ve never been able to hear a difference. :slight_smile:

b) The fujaku is always sold as one strip. It should be cut where the joints come together. I usually carefully slice it with an xacto knife after it’s applied to the sao, but I suppose that’s a bit risky. :stuck_out_tongue:

c) It’s shipped in a rather standard cardboard box. All the pieces are fully disassembled and individually wrapped, so it’s very, very safe. So far, none of our Eclipse/Akatsuki/Raven/Sakura have broken in shipping, and we’ve sold a lot of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

d) Oh yes, insurance is already included with shipping. :slight_smile:

No trouble at all! Thank you for asking!

Hi Kyle!

Thank you, muchly appreciated!

That’s a relief to hear about the packaging and safe, perfect shipments!
Time to practise my Xacto knife skills for the fujaku:)

Thank you once again, Kyle!