Ramund Hin Unge (Danish "Minyou" ^^)


Hey Minyou Enthusiasts!

Lucas requested this song to be tabbed, I also recorded a little Video (sorry for the super crappy quality…).

It’s a danish folk Song called “Ramund hin Unge”, or “Ramund the young”.

For lyrics and singing along, let me refer to these Videos:

This video has a slightly different rythm, but more verses in the description:

Have fun playing :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting this! I didn’t even know it was something I wanted and it’s really great.

It combines folk music, old school Scandinavian stuff, and shamisen; a whole bunch of things I like, all at once!


Agreed with Tino!

That works incredibly well on shamisen! Scandinavian folk music is incredibly suited to it, great work :smiley:


Thanks a lot Andreas!!
Im looking forward to play it.