Raven shamisen for sale (UK)

Hi. Reluctantly I’m putting my Raven and all fittings/accessories up for sale. Perfect condition with lots of accessories and spare parts - koma, strings, various bachi (including a very special one) - that I haven’t yet had opportunity to make a full inventory or take photos. If anyone is interested then I can accelerate this and send you all details/images in the next few days.

Selling for personal reasons and I am under no pressure to move it on so this is will not be a bargain buying opportunity; if it does not sell I will be content to keep it.

Depending on where you are in the UK I might deliver it in person. I could be persuaded to ship to Europe but this will be expensive due to additional protective packaging and insurance.

Let me know if it is of interest.



Hi Bill!
I’ve been interested in buy a raven since I started play shamisen but never found the right one here in Europe.
Can you let me know how much you asking for it? And can you show me some photos too?

Thank you


I’m sorry Toki but this has already been sold. I have asked the site administrator to remove my post but this has not happened yet. I’m sorry I can’t help you. Regards

No problem, thank you anyway.
I’ll keep waiting :wink: