Restoring kokyu

Not shamisen related but still close enough :wink:
Got my hands on “micro” shamisen.
Re-glued tenjin back to sao, made new kamigoma, started re-skinning.

Actually I wonder if anybody can translate the writing inside the dou

Yay! I just got the same idea the other day, that is, to get a kokyu :grin: Nice catch and repair! Did you get it with a bow too?

Yes, I have got a bow but for some reason poorly made. The wood is not exotic and finish is horrible, all metal fittings look like they been bought from the hardware store. Most likely would have to make new one at some point. As for kokyu - extremely rare and hard to find for reasonable price 8-(. I was lucky to get 2 damaged ones for decent price.

Ah, the bow, that´s a bummer! If it´s ok, would you mind sending a picture of the bow? I´ve seen one piece and “foldable” ones. Interesting, I always thought that they were made from bamboo…

It is foldable, but compared to the rest of the instrument the quality…

Thank you for posting, I can use it for reference.
:smile: Oooh, I get what you mean! Those hooks got me too, when I saw a kokyu bow for the first time. It was like “seriously?!” Maybe a low-end foldable bow… :thinking: But the hair looks nice!