rin' jikuu


How do I get this kind of loose, citarish tone? or is it not a shamisen?


Hahahah lol see my post next to yours! That instrument is the awesome biwa!! An instrument proving nearly impossible to find.


ha indeed! thanks Derik.


No prob! You live in Japan? Please keep an eye out for a satsuma biwa or anyone who knows about biwa and can recommend a good one.


This one is very cheap but looks pristine! Can you read the page to see if anything is wrong with it? This might be a winner here.


They mention that the front has a hairline fracture (I cant see it in the photo) , that has been repaired. The reason is due to the age of the wood. probably that?


Guys, I’m sooooooooooo proud to read this thread!


Hi! Nice to have another Rin’ lover! yeah, I really love Rin’, and… I really am curious, because not many people play biwa, and I’m having dofficulties finding someone who plays it. If you know biwa, you’ll definitely change your way of thinking, because you will love poetry! Ahahah ok… not the petry you study at school… I really changed my personality when I listened to Rin’, and I’m soooooooooo convinced I’ll cover some stuff with my wa-friends (wagakki friends… I have lots of things to say to you, Luke and Deric. Anyway, are you looking for a biwa because do you want to play it? Ohohohohohoh wow! FANTASTIC!


Yes that’s why I am trying to find one!! I really want to play. Its my favorite sounding instrument of all those I’ve ever heard.