Rokudan before Crash Course x(

Hi, I finished crafting my “Shamisen” a couple weeks ago and have been practicing everyday since. Because Rokudan was the first song in the book I tried to learn it first together with Kyle’s slow/fast speed Rokudan videos. I was completely new to shamisen with a bit of guitar knowledge, but still, I struggled.
After I am finally able to play the piece, I noticed there is a Crash Course on the Bachido School page…
So yeah, I guess I’ll try to learn the proper way and not hardcore mode xD

That a nice song!
I think Rokudan is one of the most that you should have in your repertory.
But i can tell you as a beginner that Rokudan is a pretty hard song to start from, since have many advanced techniques which make you struggle, “telling this from my experience lol”
But yeah pretty nice that you learned it already! :clap: