Rokudan (ichidan)

Hi everyone!
It’s been about half year since I start practicing shamisen (thanks to Kyle with a reskinned hosozao).
Now I’m into “Rokudan” that I always dreamed to learn.
The problem is that when I play the 19-16-14 notes part it seems completely out of tone.
I measured the note distance, and also tried to move a bit up and down but seems to me that I can’t catch the right one or the right combination.
Can someone tell me which should be this 3 notes (19-16-14)?

Thank you :wave:

So far I came to a conclusion that note 19 should be a C, 16 Ab or A and 14 F# or F.

I don´t know if I will answer your question. When I started to learn the Rokudan, I tuned my shamisen to Kyle´s video and played along. Here: Rokudan slow speed
It also helped me to know how the higher notes sound like :slight_smile:

What are you using as your open string tuning? Based on your 19th position, I’m assuming DAD.

In DAD, 14 will be G, 16 will be A, and 19 will be C.

If you’re using CGC, which I think Shamisen of Japan assumes, it would be 14:F, 16:G, 19:Bb.

Hi Shakyamuni!

I just read your post and came up with the bbbbest hack: It sounds exactly like the beginning of “Big in Japan” (how fitting!) by Alphaville:

19-16-14 is the exact same intervals. Starting on a different pitch, but when you catch your 19, just sing the very iconic beginning of “Big in Japan” and you’ll never have to be in doubt again!
Hope that helps!
Tell us how it goes :slight_smile:


Yeah, thank you Stefanie, I studied Kyle’s video too, and and putted the marks according to Kyle’s book, but probably I missed something…

Denver, I use CGC.
Thank you I will try both and see how it works

Hi Su!
Thank you I’ll try to memorize that :grin:

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Thank you so much for your help guys!
I finally was able to put the right marker for the higher notes! :partying_face::v:

Woohoo! Awesome!!! :smile: