Rokudan slide in shamisen of japan

In shamisen of japan, pg 118 there’s a suri (4-3-0) on ich-no-ito as well as a (3) on ni-no-ito mid way through - how do you suri to 0, and how do you play the 3 on ni-no-ito during the slide? I’m having trouble visualising this in terms of what my fingers are doing (particularly that 3 on ni-no-ito).I’ve watched the rokudan learn to play shamisen videos on youtube but I don’t really get what’s happening at that point - it seems like something very different to the notation is going on

If I’m reading this correctly, you’re having trouble sliding to 0 on the second string. The other part I’m confused about. I’m actually looking in my own book right now.

Since it’s against the rules to send pictures of the book in posts, can you DM me the picture of the notes you’re talking about? I can help that way!