Rokudan - 六段


Thanks Jazz! We haven’t made any lesson video for this yet and actually I haven’t even spoken directly to Kyle about it but I’d love to do that sometime in the near future (next year/spring perhaps) . Like I mentioned I don’t know if I’d want this to be called a New Roku Dan or shin Roku Dan etc… I’d rather just call it “New practice pieces for Shamisen”. What I offered in this video (in the comments above ) is just one kind of improvised synthesis using some of the ideas so the video lessons will obviously be shorter and more focused.


Silly Kevin! I know it cannot be made in one day. But I am also convinced it is meant to happen eventually.

About the name, you still have time to figure out something more Kevinesque while working on it. Since you’ll also work it out to be more focused, plenty of ideas will travel between your 2 ears. :wink:


This is a cool idea!
I’m a big fan of the regular Rokudan (after all, it is the foundation for all the techniques in a nice fancy jongara bushi) plus it sounds cool, but I really do like the idea of a new practice piece based on innovation. Plus the one in that video sounds seriously awesome.


I think it’s a very good idea to compose a new piece, because I think it’s common in minyo, or in tsugaru itsenf! In minyo there are variations regarding the melody, and also in the tsugaru there are different interpretations of a piece


I definitely agree Sakura, it is what defines this style of music.


Wow! It’s been a while not visiting for me :frowning:


I found a video on YouTube where there was a koto player who had composed an hybrid between rokudan (sokyoku) and midare


Plucking this out of archives…saw Kmetz video with Six Fun Strums…especially like the folk guitarlike ones with shami speed…great fun as we learn…thanks for Kmetz Six Fun Strum inspiration! San Jose beginning to study this…