sakura sakura


Anyway, now I’m not sure if I can ask Yukie about the notation, I don’t know if you can read to classical notation


@ patrick: thank you for the notation link and the example for the classical one. @ sakura: no, i’m not able to read a classical notation - neither eastern nor western …


E? E? What?


Hi everybody,

sorry to revive this topic, I didn’t want to create a new one, since I found this (already existing), concerning Sakura sakura.

I have been learning this song according to the Bachido’s school house. Recently, I found this videdo, with a “bad ass granny” (not meant as an insult, I adore the lady a lot), paying Sakura in a different way:

My question is: is this an alternate way of paying it? If so, does anybody has a notation for it? I tried to figure it by myself, but it seem to be too difficult for me at my current level, and I am not even sure, how to tune the shamisen for this version…

Thanks a lot for any piece of advice, it is much appreciated.


If you’d like I could try to write out some notation for that tomorrow! The tuning is definitely honchoushi sansagari (Thanks Patrick !), as for it being an alternate way, it seems like one of many arrangements lol. I’ve heard some of the phrases like that used in other versions, but not 100% like in the video.

edit: got tuning wrong :stuck_out_tongue: but well that score Patrick made plays great so yay haha


Hi. I may be wrong, Ian, but I think the tuning is sansagari here. I made a notation for it with musescore :

Hi Drakatko. You’ll just have to found out the “sukui”, “hajiki”, etc… that I have not mentionned (a look at the video will make it).


Oops my bad! Messed up the intervals in my head lol thanks for the correction!


Hi Ian, Hi Patrick,

thank you both for your reply and for the notation, it is very kind from you :blush:.

I hope, some day, I will be able to recognize the tuning by myself, too. Currently, this is far beyond my abilities.

I guess, I can figure out the “sukui”, “hajiki” etc. somehow. :sunglasses:

Thanks again.:cherry_blossom:


I have an extended version here!