sakura sakura


je cherche la partition, en mode tablature de Sakura Sakura.
quelqu’un pourrait il me renseigner ?
merci d’avance !!


Bonsoir. Il y a un cours (vendu avec la partition) que Kyle a fait ici chez Bachido -


ok, merci ! je l’ai entendu mais je ne voyais pas la patition, qu’il faut acheter, merci !


Salut Angus

la partition est divisé en 3 parties.
Tu peut télécharger ces parties en format PDF (chapitre 2) après le vidéo d’introduction (chapitre 1).
Il y a 19 chaptires en tous.



d’accord, je vais voir ça. merci !



i see it’s an old topic but unfortunately i’m not able to read and understand french. i’m looking for a notation/tab for the sakura song. does somebody know a source for this?


Hey Kay, I think the Schoolhouse course is pretty good, but I also have a different notation, if you like I can send you a message, after I found it.^^)7


that would be really nice, sebi. thanks in advance!


I didn’t understand a word in the first message in French!


But I will translate it from the web


Maybe I can ask a friend of mine for the score, but she plays jiuta


I’m worried for notation


i don’t think that there’s a problem in playing a song with different kinds of shamisen - mine is a nagauta …


Hi Kay. I think Sakura was not thinking about the kind of shamisen but about the notation that is often different between nagauta and jiuta…


so it is not possible to use the same notation with different kinds of shamisen?


Of course, it is possible, but jiuta players (I mean the style of music but not the shamisen used) often uses the “classical” notation and not the bunka-fu one (tablature), so (I suppose) Sakura worried that the notation provided by his/her friend who plays jiuta could be this kind of notation and not the easier bunka-fu notation.


everytime i post to this community i learn something new. the “classical notation” means probably what i should know from school and classical music? i’ve just red that the “bunka-fu” is what i was looking for - as i am not able to read classical notes … merci, patrick!


De rien, Kay. Here is a wiki link where everything is explained about different notations :

What i call the classical notation for jiuta is not our classical western notation but this one :


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