Sawari (En) installations


Im planning on buying a shamisen but I have to ask,so I was looking in the fitting and parts area of the store
and I was wondering since I don’t exactly have the materials necessary to install a sawari (En) do you do Sawari (En) installations on a Nagauta shamisen if we send it in? If not is there anyway to install it?

Im new to all of this so please forgive me if I got something wrong


You may want to directly message @Kyle_Abbott about this to make sure he replies to you quickly~


Thanks for the tag, Chris! :slight_smile:
Hi Squid! That’s a great question. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s possible to install a sawari device (En or Azuma) into a nagauta shamisen because the tenjin is too thin. It is possible to create the sawari effect the traditional way, which is explained in this video.


Thank you for the reply Kyle

Another quick question regarding the Kamigoma for the Nagauta/Jiuta,
in the fitting in parts section of the store it says in the description that
it lifts the 2 thinner strings and is used or im assuming recommend if your not installing a Azuma Sawari or En Sawari
Im a little confused again so could you help me clear this up?

Sorry again if I get something wrong and thank you for answering my first question


Ah, that’s a good question too! You’ve got the answer. :slight_smile: When the ichi no ito is not on the kamigoma, it is low enough to vibrate against the ridge (sawari yama), which creates the buzzing sound.


That is how the sawari effect is traditionally made for shamisen (the mechanical sawari device is a post-war creation). If you do intend to install an en/azuma sawari device (into a shamisen with a thicker tenjin), then the kamigoma will be long enough to fit under all three strings.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the answer again Kyle but I am again plagued with
another question.
So how long is the Sawari (En) in the bachido store?
In cm


It should be approximately 3cm long (not including the screw length)