Schoolhouse Line by line Loop not working?


A looping feature was requested back in '17 and currently I see a beige (green when activated) LOOP button in the Ringo Bushi lesson, but the line/video doesn’t actually loop. The line plays once and then advances to the next line. :unamused:

Does anyone else have this problem?


I’ll add that I tried accessing the SchoolHouse through two different browsers (MS Edge and Brave) and the “Loop” button didn’t work in either one. To rule out the “Ringo Bushi” lesson being the problem I also tried “Sakura” and encountered the same thing. Even with the button green and marked “looping” it moves on to the next line.

I think the person to ask about this is @Luke? :thinking:


Help? @Kyle_Abbott :bowing_woman:t2:


Hi Marilyn!
Hmm, that is strange. Would it be possible to try it in Chrome? That’s what I’m using and it works fine. :slight_smile:


It still doesn’t work. :frowning_face: I tried using Chrome on a different computer (from my primary, which doesn’t have Chrome installed) and on my phone, and in both locations the auto-play ignored the “loop” and continued on to the next line.


That is very strange! I have no idea why our two browsers have two different results. :-S @Luke, any ideas?
Could you try it in Firefox just to check? I ran it there with no problems.


I verified the bug in Chrome. It appeared to be working, until I realized that the video was indeed advancing to the next one instead of repeating. All the “Looping” button does is make the entire “playlist” repeat, which of course isn’t that helpful.

This is a slightly tricky fix because the player library that Bachido uses doesn’t seem to have an easy “switch” for this behavior anymore. But I think I coded a workaround. Kyle, could you pull the latest commit and test it locally and see if it’s fixed now?


“Loop” is working for me now. :grinning: