Searching for a new Bachi

Excuse but I just wanted to make sure when purchasing a Bachi, but when I try seeing the different colors are those really the only ones? I was hoping for a mother color.

Which bachi are you looking at? Plastic, Acrylic, Premium Acrylic?

I believe Bachido offers only white plastic bachi. As for the acrylic (tinted), I would ask what colors are available. I’ve seen them around the web in pink, blue and purple. The Premium Acrylic bachi blade comes in eight different colors in the 3.1mm option, but only three colors is in the 1.6mm option. Both options offer ten wood choices.

OK yeah that was my question but my aim at the time was the premium one since the base of my Shamisen is black I wanted the blade to be black not dark gray. But I decided to go for the plastic one for now since I’m just a beginner. Eventually once I upgrade I’ll begin to upgrade the accessories as well. Thank you for always answering slight_smile: