Selling a Jiuta/Chuzao Shamisen Set


Hi there! Long time lurker, first-time poster.

I’m selling a Jiuta shamisen set and I’m based in Japan. I was wondering if anyone on here would be interested in buying it, because not a lot of people actually play Jiuta shamisen from my area (ironically enough, I live where Tsugaru Jamisen was born but took up Jiuta lol) and it’d be sad seeing it in a second-hand shop because it definitely won’t be cared for and most people do not know its worth. Most people on Bachido seem to either play Nagauta or Tsugaru shamisen, too. So I think it’d be the perfect chance to try Jiuta shamisen.

So about the shamisen:

The shamisen is in perfect condition, no wear or tear or even stains. It looks pretty much brand new. The reason I’m selling it is that I don’t really have time to play this shamisen and it’s a waste. Just needs a loving home!

The set comes with:

  • Hard Case
  • Pluck/Bachi(made of wood/Tsuge)
  • Rubber Knee Pad
  • Unused spare strings (one for each string)
  • Koma (bridge)
  • Beginner’s book with shamisen songs (for Jiuta). (it’s in Japanese though…)
  • Digital Tuner
  • Cloth Cover for shamisen body
  • Cloth for cleaning shamisen


  • Length:100cm

Sao(neck) Only:

  • width(top): 2.6cm
  • width(bottom): 2.9cm


  • Wood (Karin)
  • Skin (synthetic)

My price for the set is :sparkles: $600 USD :sparkles:. Shipping is not included. Shipping price depends where you are in the world, I have to check my post office for prices. I don’t have any documents that come with this shamisen if you’re looking for that.


If you’re interested, please send me a private message :slight_smile: !

Looking for feedback!

@heyitserika, I wasn’t sure how to private message, but was wondering if you were still selling your shamisen?


Hey there, there are some people interested but they haven’t got back to me when they said they would so I guess its still for sale! However I’ll be out of the country for holidays until the 7th of January so if you’re still interested in it by then feel free to message me again.


Hi Erika,

I will also be back around then. Could you pm me when you get back?



OMG ERIKA what a coincidence!! :joy::joy::joy: I was just browsing through posts and found you idk how :rofl::no_mouth: Maybe my new shamisen wanted us to meet again and say hello to his mom!

He’s doing really well living a happy shami life and wishes you only the best!

LG “Inga” <- pff that’s my mother’s name XD

(what am I doing here i don’t know)


Yay! Glad to see it’s happy and being used :slight_smile: