Selling Akatsuki


Hey guys I’m selling my Akatsuki Shamisen: V-style Futozao with Vintage Tone Skin for around the same price I bought it. It has only been played about 3 times and stored in its dou fukurou bag.

Price: $2000

I would love to keep it because it’s such an awesome shamisen but I’m very short on money at the moment and I’m too busy to play it. I’ll probably get back to playing shamisen in the future but for now I need to sell it.

This includes one set of 3 strings, a purple yubikake, a bachi, and a koma.


What kind of bachi and koma?


The bachi is a wooden one I bought from an online Japanese store in Yokohama. The koma is bamboo with bone tip from the Bachido store. The yubikake is also from the Bachido store.


Do you have pictures?



Looking good! all the more seriously sucks to be out of my about 3 dollar disposable cash price range . . . :wink:


Well if I’m shipping to someone in California or if someone wants to make the drive to San Diego and pick it up I’m more than willing to negotiate the price I’m setting for the whole thing.


Its definitely beautiful, but is out of my price range also, plus I don’t live in California. Good luck.


Dropping my price to $2000 and I’ll pay for shipping. Don’t think I can drop it any lower.


Hi Nhan,
Sorry to hear that you need to sell the Akatsuki! I totally understand though. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already, you might want to try posting it on the Bachido Facebook page. Some more people might see it there too. -

In other news, my brother is currently working on a HUGE overhaul of the Bachido forum (and Bachido in general). I’ve already had a sneak peak and it looks great! It’s even more engaging to use, and I think it will bring folks from the Facebook group back to the main forum community. :slight_smile:


Thanks Kyle, will do!


Hey guys just updating my post to say this shamisen is still for sale. Send me a message if interested.


Is it still for sale?


Thanks for the interest but it has been sold.


Ok, thank you! So much for getting back to me!