~Selling my shamisen.~


Good evening to everyone.

I’m currently selling a nagauta shamisen.

Info. Specs:

Style/Type: Nagauta Shamisen
Size: Hosozao (Thin-Neck)
Sao: Mitsuori (three piece); Kouki Wood
Dou: High Grade Karin Wood
Itomaki: ?
Skin: Cat Skin
Accessories: plastic koma, black bachi plectrum (plastic), enji (red) neo, red doukake, and blue silk fukuro (wrapping bag for shamisen).
Made in Japan

The only thing I’m not sure is the itomaki type, but everything else is right.


The link above this paragraph is my original post and has all the images and further details. So, if you’re interested, click that link. Also, I’ll let everyone know beforehand that I don’t ship or deliver any item. We will deal locally. So, if you aren’t in California, Orange County, that will just be an unfortunate thing for the both of us. Although, I did asked Kyle Abbott about my shamisen and even though he may be a shamisen player and not an appraiser, I trust his intuition for my shamisen value which should be around $800 - $1000 used and $1500 - $2000 new. I’m currently selling it for $1000.

Update Note: Sold it. :slight_smile:


Hey Tony,

I’m well outside California, but I wanted to note that those itomaki may be ivory.

If they have light striations in a regular pattern you can confirm that suspicion.

It’s a beauty, nice grain on the kouki as well.


Hello Christopher,

Thanks for letting me know about the itomaki. I’ll be sure to edit on my original post.