Selling Nagauta Shamisen and Hard Case


Selling two items Shamisen and a Traveling Hard Case.

“You can purchase them separately or as a complete set”

" Shamisen will come with extra strings and koma is not included "

" A rare Traveling Hard Case and nothing will be inside it "


Shamisen - $380.00 + Shipping (price adds up depending on location)
Hard Case - $250.00 + Shipping (price adds up depending on location)
At a complete Set - $600.00 + Shipping (price adds up depending on location)

Payment: Only PayPal “will not sell international - too much work,
unless I don’t have any offers”


Update (decide to lower the price a bit down)

But I don’t think - I will lower the pricing any lower than this. . .

Shamisen - $330.00 + Shipping (Nothing wrong with the Shamisen, just need some cash to save up for a new one)

Hard Case - $200.00 + Shipping

As a complete Set - $500.00


why not consider international shipping?
Depending on my situation i may buy it, but i’m in Australia


(Travis Taylor)

  • I might do international shipping now. I don’t really care now - I just want to sell it.

Nothing wrong with the instrument.


(NEW UPDATE) - I will ship international now



I’ll purchase the shamisen. I live in Hawaii. Please email me and I will provide you with my contact information.


I don’t need the case. Do you have the wooden caps for the ends to protect the joints when shipping?


(Brandon) - I don’t have the wooden end protection for the neck of the shamisen. It didn’t come with it. I send you a message. I have gmail


UPDATE- pending for Brandon Goda. Waiting on payment (it could change) I’ll keep everybody posted


Shamisen is sold to (Brandon Gado) and I still have the case for sale.


Would you be willing to sell the case for less?