Selling: Tsugaru Shamisen with Broken Skin

I’m selling a few shamisen I bought here in Japan. On the advice of my teacher, I need to get a new instrument.

Here is TSham - 01.

It’s a mitsuori sao made from kouki. The body is karin with ayasugibori and currently skinned with dog on both sides. The rear skin is in good shape, but the front skin needs to be replaced.

There is a small nick on the sao near the tenjin and a small dent in the dou, which you can see in the attached pictures. Neither impacts the sound.

Although not pictured, a tenjin cap, doukake, saofuki and soft case are included.

Since the front skin is broken, I’m asking for $800 + shipping.

If you do not have a bachi or koma, I can see to that. Please message me for details.