Shabo (?) Shamisen - youtube reference


In your youtube video: Shamisen Live! - Techniques & Drills!
You reference a possible new purchase option of a Shabo Shamisen. Is this still an item that you will carry soon? My young child is very interested in learning.
Thank you


Hello L Petersen!

Oh yes, I should be able to release the Shabo Shamisen within a week or two. I finally have all the required materials to make the official pictures and videos. I just got a cold, but will hopefully recover from that soon to make the videos. :slight_smile:

It’s great for both children and adults, so I’m sure your child will love it!

Stay tuned~!


Speaking of which Kyle, do you still have any of your personal shamisen you’d be willing to let go?


Actually, I do have an Eclipse I was thinking about passing on. With the new Akatsuki in hand and building a new shamisen, I’m running out of space. :stuck_out_tongue: Would you be interested? I can send you a PM if so. :slight_smile:


Sure that’ll be cool :slight_smile:


I think, however, that this instrument can be fun for children! But, since I don’t live in Japan, and shamisen is traditional Japanese instrument, what’s the approach? I’m curious



The shabo has a rather lot in common with a kankara sanshin and gottan. I got the chance to play one the other day when Mahagi Lacure and Hamatani Takuya (the creator) came by my house!

It’s very light weight, about the size of a sanshin, and comes with colored strings and markings on the neck. So it’s very easy to teach and learn on.

You can even use a bachi on it without fear, although it’s easy to play with your fingers too.

I think the idea is to give an easy way for people to try shamisen and start learning - and it’s just so much fun to play with.


Wow! It’s beautiful! But what’s a gottan? In what context is it played?


Wiki :


Ah, thank you Patrick?


Just saw the video of the two new shabo on the store - WOW! I had no idea it sounded that good, especially the deluxe. Though I do really like the soft, mellow, gottan-y sound of the regular. It sounds so laid back :smiley:


Thanks, Ian! Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised with both! Very friendly and conducive for noodling. :slight_smile:


I have been checking every day! Very excited to buy one.


Order placed for a deluxe shabo. I will update when I receive. It looks perfect for my 9 year old. He has been saving up for awhile. Thanks for having these!


Even before being one decade old, your son already has the good sense to use his money for musical instruments! :slight_smile:


I want to touch a jiuta!