Shami-Sheet musics to share?

Is there a place where yall share pdf sheets of songs and stuff yall like to play?
As I spend some time just googling its becoming apparent its not that accessible by randomly searching sdhfghdf I hope the community here can help me out;;;

Bonus points if anyone has a music sheet to play the Lupin The 3rd intro song lol – watched this amazing player kill it and its just…a GOOD SONG :,D

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Hey there,

Resources for shamisen tabs are generally pretty thin if you’re looking for free stuff. As well, due to copywrite concerns, we usually cannot share them publically. However, there are some resources online.

You can find a collection of some traditional stuff here:

Shamimaster Toshi, or Oyama Kouzan, has a collection of some things for free here:

And then there’s this site which… seems to be machine driven.

Beyond that, you can find learning resources in the Bachido School House, on Youtube (such as the Shabo Channel, and in song collections by the Fujimoto and Oyama groups.



ooo thank you so much! The copy right concern is also valid (sad but also i 100% get it) – but also MACHINE DRIVEN??? lol

Plenty of resources you’ve shown me here in the reply, thank you!! I actually just realized that my order of the ShamiBuddy should come with some learning material as well but in terms of other music like something more non-traditional stuff (for example “Bad Apple” ?! lol) I’m totes keepin’ my eyes peeped!

also another side note, I’ve been really trying to re-connect with my okinawan roots recently and still learning about the fun traditional folk songs from Ryukyu – if anyone has experience or knowledge playing okinawan jams pls lmk~!

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@Rala_002 I drum and dance to Okinawan Eisa, but my sanshin skills are… poor. But I know a lot about the music itself, I’d love to chat if you’re interested!

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ooo thats amazing! :smiley:
How long have you been drumming and dancing Eisa? :0
I have a mini taiko drum I was able to bring back from the island :3 Would you have a fav. classic Okinawan/shimanchu song? I think mine would have to be Haisai Ojisan (but only cuz my parents loved and looped that song soooo much lololl)

@Rala_002 Oh my god Haisai Ojisan is so much fun to play with sanba!! Here, in case you’re not sure, this man does a small introduction and the first song he does is Haisai Ojisan. My favorite song is probably the classic Miruku Munari, and the most fun to dance to is ShiShi GongGong. Mostly because it’s a song I used to use the handheld Shisa for, and choreographing anything with Shisa is fun! I did Eisa for many years, but when I lived in Sendai there were no Eisa teams so I did Taiko and Suzume Odori instead. But Eisa is still my favorite~ I did the two-man Shisa as well. I want to start an Eisa team so badly… I am moving to Denver, so… maybe possible there…