Shami-tabs for "natsu wa kinu"

i’m looking for some shami-tabs to become able to play a summer song for my japanese penpal. maybe somebody knows an online source or a book i’ll be able to buy … thanks in advance for some helpful hints.

Hi Kay,

take a look at this YouTube video

thank you, markus! i’ll share a link, if i’m able to play from this …

I played the song myself in the garden today, it’s a beautiful song.
The notation in the YouTube video is in Sansagari tuning (三下り,bb-f-C), I didn’t see that at first.
But if you, like me, playing mostly in Niagari tuning (ニ上り、c-g-C), the song can be played in Niagari without any problems.
All you have to do is play (4) on ichi no ito (lowest string) instead of (3).