Shamibuddy doukake

There was a bit of learning as I expected. I basically followed Kyle’s book directions (thanks Kyle you’re the best). After wrapping the dou in plastic wrap, I used 8 pieces of printing paper as mache with Elmer’s and water. I should have more tightly wrapped it with the second layer of plastic wrap and what happened was it dried… Frumpy. All the doukakes I’ve seen have a crisp smooth appearance. I thought that maybe I could sand it with the small electric sander, but no it wasnt working right. So then I thought maybe I could put a buffer in place to disrupt the topography so it wouldn’t translate through the fabric. It worked 75% but it does give a bulkier appearance… Which I’m kinda sorta cool with. I used a spray on Elmer’s craft adhesive and it only bled through in a very small place and I’m hoping it disappears over drying time but it’s well hidden in the shine of the fabric (which by the way was a cheap easy pickup on Etsy). I have a pair of grommet pliers and I’m trying to decide if it actually adds anything overall to apply them and tie ons. The size of it snaps right on tightly so it would only be for coolness factor… I mean aesthetics. I’m pretty happy with the overall result despite it not being quite right.

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This is awesome :slight_smile: Looks great contrasting with the black skin as well!

I think it looks lovely on your buddy. :heart: