Shamibuddy for sale (UK/London)

We moved house recently and it’s a bit smaller in here than in our old flat, so I’m trying to free up a bit of space. Since I had my “proper” shamisen reskinned with a synthetic skin (the same as on the Shamibuddy, in fact), I’m not so worried about it breaking, and I don’t feel so much need for a backup.

The Shamibuddy sounds great, far better than the normal beginner shamisens. If you’re interested, save yourself the costs of international shipping and customs charges by buying this one!

I don’t have a case, and finding a suitable box for shipping might be a challenge, so I’d prefer an in-person transaction.

I’m looking for about £200.

I was looking for a secondhand shamibuddy here in Europe, but I wanna take it in person.
I don’t know when I’ll be able to come to London, but if it’s still available I’ll be glad to take it!

is still available ?

It is still available!