Shamibuddy restock?

Just recently I have become obsessed with the shamisen, and after a lot of research I found the Shamibuddy to be the best option for a starter shamisen. I am very excited to begin my shamisen journey, and wanted to inquire about when the best buddy set would possibly be back in stock.

Thanks in advance

I can’t remember which thread it was in, but I believe @Kyle_Abbott had said the latter half of this year, so probably some time after June.

Thanks for the @MeanOwl!
Aaaah yes, so a bit of a good news / neutral news update.
The good news is, last month I redeveloped my ShamiBuddy building process which will allow me to make them even faster than before, and so I’ll be able to keep them coming on a regular basis. What’s more, the new ShamiBuddy is going to be even more elegant as it’ll be made with Cherry wood! :slight_smile: I’m just waiting on a professional drum sander which should arrive in late May (or early June), so that’s when I’ll finally be able to start working on them. I did intend to start in January, but life has it’s way of filling up. All in all, it’s good the production was delayed as I only realized the new building process last month.

The neutral news is that EMS airmail restrictions from Japan are still a thing. Until that reopens, I’m unable to get the big wholesale shipment of accessories to include with the Best Buddy. It is looking like EMS should reopen within the next few months, so if all goes well, I’ll be able to get the accessories at the same time I’ve got a decent fleet of ShamiBuddy ready for rocking. :slight_smile:


Putting my tax return aside for the return of the Buddy

Hi, is there a waiting list for the Shamibuddy I can get on or will there be a notification when orders can be placed? Should I just keep checking back? Appreciate the help. Newbie Guy here.


I’m really curious about a waiting list, notifications, and/or preorder for Shamibuddy’s when they become available again. Would love to get one as soon as possible so I could finally pick up playing the shamisen without going the relatively more pricy beginner’s shamisen.

Look what I received in the mail today from CA.
The new Shamibuddy V3 also fits in this chest that I purchased in Japan through Etsy.

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