ShamiCamp: Berlin (2016)


Bachido members of the EU, we are coming to you! Bachido has teamed with “Shamisen Berlin e.V.” and together we’re bringing ShamiCamp to Germany!! It all happens from JUNE 24th to 26th 2016!!

What is ShamiCamp?

In the continued pursuit of sharing knowledge and developing bonds within the shamisen community, Bachido has established ShamiCamp — An intensive multi-day workshop series where the best Shamisen instructors unite to teach their skills, developed over a lifetime of dedication to their art, to passionate shamisen enthusiasts from around the world.

The Instructors

The instructors of ShamiCamp are five phenomenal players who all strive to bring shamisen to the whole world. These inspiring teachers can’t wait to share their knowledge and support your enthusiasm of shamisen! I’ll also share some sweet riffs too!

Where else can you learn from positive, high-level instructors in a fun atmosphere with a group of fellow shamisen enthusiasts?

Shamisen Berlin e.V.

In the culturally flourishing city of Berlin, Martina Kopp and Su Bunjamin became entranced with the sound of the shamisen, and they began learning and enthusiastically developing their techniques ever since. To spread the joy of this groovy instrument, together they founded Shamisen Berlin e.V., a growing group of shamisen enthusiasts. With a supportive atmosphere, they encourage their group to learn songs, build skills and expand awareness for shamisen in Germany.

After ShamiCamp: Tokyo (2015), Kyle reached out to Shamisen Berlin e.V. with the idea of joining together to bring ShamiCamp to Berlin, and they graciously accepted!


June 24th to 26th
Start/End: 11 AM / 7 PM (Each day)

Join today!

It’s a rare opportunity to learn from this many supportive instructors in a positive group environment. If you’ve been studying shamisen and are excited to meet other shamisen enthusiasts, then it’s time to join your friends at ShamiCamp: Berlin!


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About the Passes

Day Pass: Valid for one day at ShamiCamp.

Are the workshops the same each day? I.e, Will I miss anything if I only attend one day?
The entire workshop curriculum is spread over three days. Because workshop material is not repeated, it’s encouraged to take part in the entire event.

Complete Pass: Valid for all three days at ShamiCamp.


From all of us at ShamiCamp, we’d like to express our sincerest thanks to Martina Kopp, Su Bunjamin & ‘Shamisen Berlin e.V.’ for their generous support, hospitality and major role in making ShamiCamp: Berlin possible!!

Get all the important information with the ‘ShamiCamp: Berlin - Need to Know’ PDF!



Museum für Asiatische Kunst Berlin

Address: Lansstraße 8, 14195 Berlin, Germany
Workshops held in Seminar Room (access via Takustraße 40)
Near to the subway station Dahlem-Dorf (U3)

(Please arrive at the Museum’s Seminar Room on time with Shamisen tuned)


Please use to see what hotels are available (use the address “Lansstraße 8, 14195 Berlin, Germany” to find hotels closest to ShamiCamp). Keep in mind proximity to the nearest accessible subway station (“Dahlem Dorf” / U3 line), should you prefer public transportation.

Recommended airports:

#1 Tegel airport (More transportation available)
#2 Schonefeld Airport

Plan Your Route

As always, attendees are responsible for their own safety, transportation and lodgings. Please plan your route from your lodgings to Museum für Asiatische Kunst Berlin.

See you there!
Kyle Abbott
Founder of Bachido & ShamiCamp
Martina Kopp & Su Bunjamin
Founders of Shamisen Berlin e.V.