ShamiCamp: Berlin


Missed out on ShamiCamp: Sapporo? Now, you have another chance to learn all the songs taught at that workshop. This time, you can do so with all your friends in the idyllic Japanese gardens of Roji Gardens right at the gates of Berlin!!

In this two day camp, we will drive to the gardens, learn all the charming ensemble pieces composed for ShamiCamp: Sapporo, and most importantly, jam with your fellow Bachido / Shamisen Berlin e.V members!

Attendees have the option to stay in the nearby cottage on Saturday night, and we’ll drive back to Berlin on Sunday evening.

Our highest gratitude to our hosts Reiner and Gesine Jochems, who own and care for the beautiful Roji Gardens.

When: August 24th and 25th (exact time TBD)
Attendance fee: To be announced soon

Please contact Bachido, Shamisen Berlin e.V and/or Kyle Abbott/ Su Bunjamin to confirm your attendance!

See you there!
Kyle Abbott (Bachido) & Su Bunjamin (Shamisen Berlin e.V)