ShamiCamp coming to Berlin! (June)

Bachido members of the EU, we have a special treat for you! Masahiro Nitta, Reigen Fujii, Hibiki Ichikawa and myself will be going to Berlin to host the next ShamiCamp in June 2016! Just two months away!

Get more information here! -

awesome and I hear Berlin would be worth a visit even without a shamicamp yeah so I just ordered a couple of Oud bachis for 99 cents each we’ll see how finances are in june as for an out of town trip . . . :slight_smile:

Dude, you MUST make it to Berlin!! Going all this way without finally meeting BH would be the most saddest experience ever!

Don’t worry. If finances are tight, I’ll specially work something out for you. :slight_smile:

Darn I wish I could go. This is the third one I missed I believe. One day I’ll get to twang with you guys I promise. But I’ve been getting better so I’ll have more to show you all.

yeah I know and thank you :slight_smile: also as an (shamefully) still absolute beginner as for actual playing I might not even be able to actually or seriously participate in all courses which would make dropping some of them somewhat less of a drag I guess . . . although I could still be there in breaks to at least serve coffee I guess . . . anyway as the sky would have it out of the blue I found a letter in the mailbox this weekend informing me that because of my switching taxiing jobs from one company to another which is currently underway I am eligable to cash out on severance pays from former employers of a couple of hundred euros so in case that actually goes through I would say chances of attendance could actually be seriously increased from 9 to 99 percent :slight_smile:

Anne and I will be there from Sweden!! You guys have to come!!

Bachido Old School Reunion!!!

Still a beginner by playing shamisen, but I really want to see this shamicamp !
I’ll negociate with my boss, and my bank ! :slight_smile:
Do you know where the camp will take place? Is there any accomodation to take?

B H ! You gotta go!

Hi Nicolas! I’m glad you want to come! Hopefully all goes well with your boss, and the bank. :slight_smile:

The location is Museum für Asiatische Kunst Berlin

Address: Lansstraße 8, 14195 Berlin, Germany
Workshops held in Seminar Room (access via Takustraße 40)
Near to the subway station Dahlem-Dorf (U3)

As far as accommodations, I’m not aware of what’s nearby, but I would recommend using to find a hotel nearby. That’s what I always use. :slight_smile:

And BH! I would be lying if I said holding ShamiCamp in Berlin wasn’t partially created for us to finally meet you. Like Kevin said, you must come! I’d be happy to work something out with you if finances are an issue. Just let me know! :slight_smile:

Hi Kyle !

I visited Berlin a few years ago, but I never went to this district. Berlin is one of the largest European city. :slight_smile:

Haha alright then and thanks for that funny invitation . . . :wink:

Nicolas: I see! Like Japan, I imagine districts are so different from each other. It’ll be my first time going to Europe, so I’m looking forward!

BH: Yay!!! :smiley:

So… uhh. I might be able to attend… because of work!

There is the OpenNFV summit from June 20th to 23rd… in Berlin, which I might be attending.

Still not confirmed, but if so I’ll definitely stay a couple days extra for more Shamicamp!!

Wow, talk about perfect timing!!! :smiley: Definitely keep us posted!!!

Hello everyone! :smiley:

guess it’s time for my “debut” in the forums, hehe~. I will definitely try to come as well. I think this is a great opportunity to meet so many people who actually play the shamisen~. And of course to ask questions and get help if needed :p.

Hope to meet you guys in Berlin v^_^v!

Hi Acanthus!

It’s good to see your first post! Welcome welcome! It would be great if you could come!! It’s always fun to meet new shamisen enthusiasts, and learn as much as we can from each other! :slight_smile:

Hope to see you there!

Alright, I’ve booked my flight and pass now. So, where are people staying?

See you at Happy Go Lucky Hotel?

See you at Happy Go Lucky Hotel?

I’ll check it out! At first I thought it was another gay hotel. I have a lot of friends who thought it funny to send me only such hotels as “tips”.