ShamiCamp coming to Berlin! (June)


Also, I’ve been using a mitsu-ori ‘kaban’ for about 10 years now to and from Japan and all over the world.

Anne has had hers broken in a regular case, so I would be careful.
If you pack it like Karl mentioned, it should be a-okay with the itomaki and dou out and safely on the side.

I have never had the safety blocks, but instead have always used bubble wrap and tactically placed socks and underwear. I call this “The Kmetz Method” of packing the shami.

The only place that has never opened up my bag to check out the Dou (Mugen21 elekki) was Japan (go figure). Every other time they’ve checked it out to make sure it wasn’t a bomb, and usually ask about the bachi. They have never given me a problem after swabbing it and testing it for explosives.
Naturally, when I had the 100% acoustic dou with me, it got checked at security very rarely.

If you’re going to take the shamisen apart (and if it’s mitsu ori) I would strongly suggest getting a kaban from Kyle and Masahiro if you can, they are very convenient.

Stoked to see you guys!!


The bubble wrap is actually a very good idea. I might go for that. I don’t know about what hardcase you guys have but I think I have a very old and a little cheap version. I mean it’s not one of those real flight hard cases where there’s a lot of dampening, for electric guitars etc.

I remember that when I bought my shamisen there was another poor fellow who had it broken while being transported by the postal service. Who knows when and how it broke, but just having the sao without any padding is probably not so good.

I’ve already paid for my hotel, but where are you and Anne staying Grant?


Thanks guys, very good infos regarding transportation. The idea to remove the itomakis…I wouldn’t have thought of it…nice!
The thought of taking my shami apart for the first time after 2.5 years…gives me the thrills :wink:
Sadly, my shami lost the ability being mitsuori…but that’s another story.
Lucky me, I got plenty of bubble-wrap laying around; gonna stuff the whole case with it then…good padding should do the trick, right? =D
So, you guys keep even the bachicase in your carry-on? I mean, I got ‘only’ an acrylic faux one…m’kay, maybe the komas could get some damage…hmm, I’ll rethink it.


I’ve always taken me bachi case with me. They usually look at it and I just tell them it’s an acrylic pick. You don’t want to say it’s turtle shell since it’s a highly restricted import.
Haven’t had any problems otherwise. It’s usually just the microphone inside the dou that gets a double take on the x Ray.
Also make sure to wrap the dou with washi paper or something to help with changing temperatures and humidity.

Karl, we’re a bit east of the museum. It’s near Lauenberger Platz, wherever that is, hehe.


Alright cool.


As for me the first thing I will likely do in berlin is searching for a cafe as I will already ARRIVE at 7:35 in the morning on thursday and I will fly out on saturday at about noon . . . so only friday is workshop day for me and thursday and saturday morning could include a bit of sight seeing around berlin . . .


Many valuable hints you gave guys; many arigatous!
My expenses are constantly growing (ordered hard-case, received semi-hard-case; ordered an additional real hard-case; ordered a carry-on hardshell trolley for fragile shami-pieces), and I neither booked the flight nor the hotel, yet :wink:
ahhh, forgot about the admission-fee for the whole workshop…hahaha…well, I surely have to get some additional commission (doing arch-viz) until then.
I’m getting more and more excited as the days go by, yikes!

btw. does the workshop on Sunday also end at 7pm?


Hey hey hey party people!
It looks like I will be able to attend the amazingness that is ShamiCamp! And also HELLO to everybody! (as I am not really active on the forum)
I guess I’m propably the only one going to Berlin by bus, but flying is not an option, becasue I won’t be able to transport my shamisen safely (hopefully it will survive a 8-10 hour busride^^ )

Still figuring out the details, like where to stay and when I’m going, but I’m really exited to meet all of you! :slight_smile: