ShamiCamp: Tokyo 2017 (A Look Back)


In 2017, Bachido hosted ShamiCamp, an international workshop series bringing together shamisen enthusiasts from around the world with the goal of learning techniques, and making new friends in the shamisen world!

This is the fourth ShamiCamp created by Bachido, and was held in Tokyo on October 7th and 8th, 2017.

Pictures and video!

Enjoy this recap of ShamiCamp and look back on fond memories, and/or see what you missed!

Video Overview of Day One

Video Overview of Day Two

ShamiCamp: Tokyo (October 2017)

Without a doubt, it was the most successful ShamiCamp we have hosted, and have finally created a format which can smoothly bring together players of varying skill levels and experience. No doubt, this format has something for everyone, and can be carried over from community to community.


Wow that’s amaaazing!!! :smiley: I so wish I could’ve been there haha, but I won’t be in Japan til around this time next year at this rate.
I especially love the klezmer-y stuff on day 1, the master level lectures, those team building exercises, and the original compositions! … So all of it really :stuck_out_tongue:
Great job everyone!


Cool to see this going strong, looks fun as ever!