ShamiCamp: Tokyo (2017)


Want to learn shamisen skills, meet other shamisen enthusiasts and visit Japan? Now you can do all three! ShamiCamp returns to Tokyo for the second time!

Bachido established ShamiCamp to inspire shamisen enthusiasts from a range of backgrounds and abilities. Our main goal is sharing knowledge and developing bonds within the international shamisen community.

This is the 4th ShamiCamp in its series. I (Kyle) founded the first ShamiCamp in Tokyo and since then, have been constantly evolving the camp to bring the best experience for the participants.

The Instructors

The instructors of ShamiCamp are three dignified shamisen instructors who all strive to bring shamisen to the whole world. These inspiring teachers (and myself) can’t wait to share their knowledge and support your enthusiasm of shamisen!

Kyle Abbott
Reigen Fujii
Kevin Kmetz
Masahiro Nitta - Assistant

Where else can you learn from positive, high-level instructors in a fun atmosphere with a group of fellow shamisen enthusiasts?

Are all skill levels welcome?

Short answer: Yes! There’s nothing more exciting than learning from high-level instructors, and along with passionate shamisen enthusiasts! All the instructors at ShamiCamp are friendly, supportive and eager to help you learn as much as possible.


Please note that the average skill level of the instruction will be intermediate, and might be too challenging for basic beginners.

Full Answer: In past camps, I’ve rigorously tried planning curriculum to provide seamless instruction for beginners and intermediate players in one unified class. Despite doing my best to accommodate everyone, the reality became clear that it’s quite difficult to provide multiple levels of instruction to a wide skill range within a large group… all at the same time.

To allow for the smoothest lesson experience, I’ve decided to set the instruction level to an average intermediate level. That said, if you’re a beginner and accept the extra difficulty, you are very much welcome at ShamiCamp to enjoy the fun experience with many friendly shamisen enthusiasts!


BumB Tokyo
Sports Culture Center


While providing space for sports activities, BumB also features clean and warm rooms for educational studies, as well as a restaurant and lodgings. ShamiCamp will take place in three or their bright music rooms, allowing space for simultaneous group lessons!


During such an engaging workshop, it’s important to eat well and keep the brain energized. Which is why we’re excited that BumB has an restaurant on location. Enjoy freshly cooked meals with your shami-friends before the next workshop!

Check out the restaurant page (Japanese)


When you’re having fun with your friends in the evening, the last thing you want to do is leave early to catch the last train to your hotel.

Fortunately, BumB also has comfy rooms where you can sleep and refresh yourself before the next workshop! Stay in a Single, Twin, or if you want to plan ahead with a group, reserve a 5/10-person group room! Osen and laundry are available!

Check out BumB’s lodgings page (Japanese)

Note: Reserve your room early to ensure availability!


October 7th to 8th, 2017
Start/End: 11 AM / 7 PM (Each day)

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In the rather small shamisen world where it’s rare to meet local shamisen players, ShamiCamp is a very special time to enjoy the company of other excited shamisen enthusiasts while learning many great instructors.

If you’ve been studying shamisen and are excited to meet other shamisen enthusiasts, then it’s time to join your friends at ShamiCamp: Tokyo!

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