Shamiko? Smaller with paper skin

I found this in google image search for shamisen but this has a paper skin. Surprising how tsugaru techniques work on paper and makes me think of skinning a shamisen like this. If I could find out more about it. Maybe hemp paper? The Velum paper I used in art school was wet then stretched and quite thick.

I like how it is described as “paper” in the store article :laughing:
Ok, joking aside, I was thinking about using paper too (just not on a tsugaru). Would a coating of pva or some sort of gesso make it less susceptible to tearing under the bachi? :thinking: Aahh, the good old days, stretching your drawing paper and building your own canvases…

Gesso is some tough stuff. I used to texture my canvases by mixing oatmeal or flour into the gesso. It was rock hard.