Shamisen band from Italy.


Hello Guys!

I wanted to share you one track I made with one of my bands.


Beautiful ! Did you play the shamisen in your profile’s picture ?


Guys, please… I’m Italian so I have to say to Paolo this. Siete bravissimi! Translation: you’re really good!
Paolo, I’m wondering what instrument is the violin-like…


Patrick, Yes, I played that shamisen.

Sakura, grazie!
The “Violin like” instrument was the shamisen, played like a Cello.


It’s a really suggestive track, and it’s unique in this genre. I’m also very proud there are such creative and great musicians (in my country), who did something really far than our origin, but I relly love this song


Also the singing was evocative. It seemed like poem-ish


Who sang?


this project is called Altais, you can check it on
or you can simply add me on facebook to be always updated!


I want to talk to you come out also because we are Italian. Sorry I can’t be a beautiful she, but the website doesn’t allow me to make private messaging, so I can only reply because I am blind, so please understand . I also don’t use Facebook , and will never need to, For these years


It’s not a problem Sakura!
It is a pleasure to meet you anyway!


Problem is I can’t PM you, so please do it, since I want to ask you some questions, and it may be easier, since we talk the same language


491 posts? wow!


Please post other material! :slight_smile:


Who wrote the lyrics?