Shamisen Doukake


Are Doukakes able to fit in a nagauta and tsugaru shamisen?
well to be specific Can you fit a Doukake for a tsugaru on a nagauta?
Or is it one size fits all?

Im new to the shamisen so please forgive me if im wrong


Since shamisen have different sized dou, the doukake are also different sizes!

Nagauta dou are dramatically smaller than Tsugaru/Go-bu-dai dou. Therefore, a nagauta doukake will never fit a tsugaru. On the other hand, while a tsugaru doukake could be placed on a nagauta, it will never fit snugly.

It is possible, sometimes, to fit a nagauta doukake on a go-rin-dai (min’yo/hauta/kouta) shamisen body.The size differential between a naguata and a go-rin-dai is very small, so it’s possible - if the doukake is made from a flexible material such as paper or cloth.