Shamisen folk song score book?

Hi all,

Can someone send me a link to where to buy the Shamisen notation book for the usual well known collection of Minyo/Japanese folk songs like Saitaro bushi, Aizu Bandai san etc.

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Hi Alex. Are you talking about Fujimoto books ?

Hi Patrick,

I am not sure what the Fujimoto books are?

Do they have notation for popular folk songs?

I’m hoping there is a “how to play popular minyo songs on Shamisen” book with scores.

I was at the big 4 day folk music competition in Tokyo around 2 weeks ago and I’m sure one of the stalls showed me a book with Shamisen notation/tabs.

Is there like a book on amazon japan or a similar website?

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

You can also download a lot of them.

Toshi shamimaster has a bunch on his site:

and there is a ton here. I’m going to assume you don’t read Japanese. If you want, I could download them for you if you told me what you want.

That’s awesome, I have used website a lot in the past and he doesn’t have scores for the songs I’m wanting to learn.

That would be fantastic, I can’t read Japanese so any help with finding scores for me would be fantastic.

The 3 songs I would love scores for are:

  1. Saitaro Bushi
  2. Aizu Bandai San
  3. - YouTube

Thanks Pete :slight_smile:

Well, the site it down, but I have them all in a book here. I could scan them in and send them to you. Do you have an email?

That would be wonderful, thank you for your great help Pete. I’ve messaged you.

You are right, Alex your picture is the cover of the fujimoto minyo collection. Here is a example of the page in a fomer discussion :

The books I have are Fujimoto books (though ancient).

Showa 51 nen.

goodpm/am, mr. @Pete_Larson this maybe rude but, can I also have a copy? If it’s fine with you… Thanks!