Shamisen for Sale - Sept, 2020


My wife played shamisen on and off all her life before she passed away. I am finally getting around to finding a good home for her shamisen. I lived in Japan (which is where I met her) and hope to pass it on to someone who really appreciates shamisen and will play it.

It is a nagauta shitan shamisen, three part sao, and comes with a hard case, and additional smaller travel case (not in the picture). Includes Bachi, music, strings, and many small assorted accessories such as shinobi koma.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in case any one is local and would like to see it. I can send more photos on request.

Thanks for your consideration,


Oh, I forgot to mention, the kawa is artificial, and has pulled up on one edge. It originally had hon-kawa, but kept breaking in the california heat and finally she put an artificial head from mishima-ya on the dou.

Hi David,

I’m not presently on the market for a shamisen - but that’s a nice piece.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t think that’s a nagauta. The neck has an angled cut to it, right?

Hi David. I agree with Christopher, as always… This could be the angle of the picture but the neck looks a little bit short. Chris, could it be a tanzao ?

The photo is small but it seems the en sawari is present as well

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments. I’m at the limit of my knowledge. I know a little from having heard my wife talk about the shamisen, but defer to the expertise here. I can take detailed pictures if it will help with identification.