Shamisen & Koto concert in Paris Nov. 5, 2016

Hi Friends,

Just to inform you of a Shamisen & Koto concert in Paris on November 5, 2016 at Tenri.

The concert is organised by my shamisen sensei Fumie Hihara ( I will be the only one playing two Shamisen musics, the others playing Koto.

Free entrance: you are very welcome.

For these who are interested, Fumie gives lessons in Koto and Shamisen (see her website



I cannot come, but I’m Always very happy regarding koto and shamisen! But what type of music will you play?

I am a Nagauta Shamisen player. I will play “Asakuza Marie” and another music I can remember the name.

Fred, I want to talk about a thing with you, but I cannot send the mail from the site. Please email me at as a try mail

This thing regards Fumie

The concert went well and I attach some pictures.
Always very difficult to play before people: very stressful and I made some mistakes. However even challenging it is always a great pleasure to play shamisen.

Great, man!

Wow, this looks like it would be a cool sounding space!

Rounded ceilings!

I imagine Fumie playing with you!

CAn you send some videos here?

I was very moved listening to Fumie’s voice. She is so mature and sweet at the same time! She’s very elegant

And the koto… she’s impeccable!