Shamisen Lessons

Hello! I’ve been trying to find a Tsugaru Shamisen teacher and I haven’t been able to find much contact information, could anyone help me with that?

@abbyw I literally just saw on the Ki&Ki YouTube channel that they do lessons via a Patreon membership: Learn Shamisen

As soon as I can get an instrument, I’ll probably join!

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Hi there, welcome.

You can get online lessons via Bachido either through video, or by getting in contact with one of the teachers associated with the website. Su Bunjamin, a German based player, also does some teaching.

If you’re on JST, my friend Takuya Hamatani offers lessons through the net. He speaks a little English and is proficient in a number of styles.

Shamimaster Toshi/Shishido also teaches out of Shinjuku. Here’s his website.


Thank you so much!! If I can’t find a teacher that’s probably what I’ll end up doing :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

This looks amazing too @Brown! Thank you for this tip!