Shamisen of Japan PDF?


i was about to suggest that also actually when i thought ‘… and in case this catches on’ kyle should create a sticky topic about that on the forum or something then … :wink:

actually this could possibly be expanded to posing with any bachido merchandise I guess or photos of bachido ‘product placement’ at funny locations or so …

“Bachido Fans (Pictures)” forum topic?


Sounds like fun



That’s a really Nice one


Haha! Nice one, BH!! :smiley: All dressed up in your favorite color. :wink:


love it!


Hi Kyle! I live in Russia and I can’t buy your book “Shamisen in Japan”.
Stores does not send to my country. And it would be more convenient to have a PDF. How can I buy a this file from you?


Hi Igori!
Unfortunately, I still don’t have a PDF, but you can order the book here. I have sent the book to Russia before. :slight_smile: -


I’m in China, I also have the problem of buying English books.


I think I’m able to ship books from California to China. It shouldn’t be a problem in this case. :slight_smile: