Shamisen of Japan PDF?

Hi Guys,

Is the Shamisen of Japan book available anywhere as a PDF?
I live in europe and paying 60 bucks for a book (with shipping) is kind of dumb when I have a tablet.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Alex,
Thanks for your question! Currently I don’t have Shamisen of Japan in PDF format, but I think you can get free (or at least, domestic) shipping by getting it through Amazon. :slight_smile: -


… and even also available on the de and amazons

Thanks I’ll check those out. I just managed to get myself a Jiuta shamisen in pretty good condition to add to my “strange instruments no one in europe sells” collection and having some form of reference will make things a bit easier than having to learn everything by ear.

Theres a couple really good free lessons on here that have really helped get me going …

Is there a tricky process to get a Kindle version of it?

Recent tech improvements may have made the process easier to do, but 7 years ago (or so), it was a huge hassle to do right and wasn’t turning out well. (because of the double lines) I never really felt inspired to try to get it to work ever since. :frowning:

In the netherlands you can buy it with 2 weeks delivery time. Seeing that you are in europe you can probly add about 4 days to it for shipping.

If you are interested, you can find it here:

I was wondering, Kyle, if it would be possible to obtain the templates online so i don’t have to abuse the book with a pair of scissors or doing a bad drawing?

Hi Mark,
If you already have the book, I would be willing to send a template image which you can print out and use.

I do. i didn’t buy from, though.

Ah, okay! Send me an email. :slight_smile:

Sure i 'll send An e-mail, do you want some prove that i bought it?

a picture here with you and the book? :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s totally okay, I trust you! :slight_smile:
Still, a picture of you proudly showing off your book would be awesome!

Here you go!

Kyle, with e-mail do you mean the bachido e-mail of the message system?

Ooh, nice scenic location! That will do for verification. :slight_smile:
Oh yeah, the message system please. Thanks!

My thoughts exectly

Hey that Is a cool picture and there should be even more like this featuring this cool book / compiling older ones out there and newly created ones . . . as for me I think I never did one with the book And myself on the very same picture so I shall remedy that and post one here soon … :wink:

soo, why not start a topic to get pictures for the site. People in the wild with the book? :slight_smile: