Shamisen Player Pro App for free.


Yes and indeed I have decided to make all of my so far apps that is including the all tunings pro version of Shamisen Player and also any future apps and updates completely free of even any charge.

So this also means that I have actually unpuplished Shamisen Player today in favor of Shamisen Player Pro to be the one and only app version available as it got additional features and is also available free of charge from now on.

So thank you for over 3000 downloads and 300 weekly users of the earlier app and several positive ratings and reviews too.

“Great app!”

“Awesome App and I really enjoy the app.”

“Good basic app. Serves the shamisen sound addiction when you’ve none at hand ;)”

“Simple and fun! As someone who strives to write more songs on shamisen, this was a lot of fun for conveniently trying new ideas when they pop into my head. Even just hitting random notes inspired some catchy melodies that could be turned into songs! Love the simplicity!”

And I invite you to download the extended current version and share a rating and or even a review of that one too.

On top of that I will have may I say truly beautiful shamisen and outdoor quality stickers available soon as I like also doing app topic related little thingies on the side.

Sort of a pitch as for that is that everyone sponsoring a cup of coffee for the developer can get a cool shamisen sticker also and that sent to wherever worldwide.

(a fully licensed for sticker use graphic)

Cheers and I hope you are having a good weekend :slight_smile:

Arigato for your consideration,


Check out for all the links and so on.

UPDATE : Got those stickers so they are available from now on


Sweet! Thank you. Nice graphic. Is app just for Android or iPhone too? How do we send the gift of coffee? (In the ancient Roman pre-Internet days of shareware, ca. late 80s, early 90s, many developers asked merely for a picture postcard from their subscribers all over the world. Could send photos.)


Quite excited about the stickers as I seem to have found a good printing company now after the orange retro pixel stickers turned out to be well I guess one could say suitably LoFi :wink:

Combining a voluntary donation for the app with a sticker in return seemed like an alright idea to me . . . of course that said I would still be very happy about a postcard or even further photos from california too as its about been in the 90s when I was last there . . . :slight_smile:

A One Coffee donation link to this webpage is also included in the shamisen player app . . .

Unfortunately the app is Android only.

A first small batch of stickers should be available for shipping out in about 10 days or so.


Yo got the stickers and indeed they seem suitable even for heavy use . . . UV and water resistant too . . . so for the suggested donation I am happy to send out the pictured sticker pack . . . of course all in this is quite a non profit thing actually but also sort of fun so cheers and I hope you are having a good weekend! BH